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    The foundation for healthy trees

    The world needs more trees. Trees that are planted with respect for nature's resources and the natural growth of tree. BOXofGREEN has created a completely new foundation for tree planting, which will create healthy value for the trees and the environment. And also vhonor a good business for the owner of the trees.

    BOXofGREEN advises and provides municipalities and individuals with the right knowledge and motivation to rethink the value of the land, do away with own traditions and change tree planting.

    Keep it simple

    BOXofGREEN is a specially developed stone wool box packed in a hessian sack with the right growing soil.


    BOXofGREEN functions as a water reservoir that can hold up to 400 liters of water, and the stone wool's specially developed structure ensures that the tree's hair roots have access to the necessary amount of oxygen and water.


    The stone wool will absorb the naturally occurring surface water that flows to it. At the same time, the stone wool ensures moisture from the surrounding soil and can thereby supply the tree's hair roots with the right balance of moisture. It's that simple!

    ONE - TWO - THREE, The street trees are planted!

    The establishment of trees with BOXofGREEN can be carried out in a much shorter time end in the traditional way. And when the trees are planted, water is given 1 to 2 times in the first year - depending on natural rainfall.

    Then BOXofGREEN takes care of the tree itselfs rooted for the rest of the tree's life.


    Excavate a hole of e.g. 90 cm in depth and put 10 cm of gravel at the bottom. 


    Set BOXofGREA down the hole, fill soil around,


    - and plant the new tree.

    Growth guarantee

    BOXofGREEN offers a 5-year growth guarantee on trees planted in one of our boxes.

    Contact us to hear more about the opportunities in the guarantee.

    Black Soil

    only nature's own materials

    BOXofGREEN is manufactured of naturally occurring materials. The 4 sides of the box are made of stone wool. And the hessian sack is sewn from natural plant fibers that are completely biodegradable. The sack will typically be dissolved within 9-12 months, thus giving the tree's roots room to form its own natural anchorage.

    The tree roots love BOXofGREEN

    As soon as the tree is planted and starts to grow, roots and root hairs work their way out towards and into the stone wool. Here there is a balanced mix of water and oxygen, and the many hair roots become attachedgo for the stone wool sheets and thus stabilizes the wood.

    The film shows an excavation of BOXofGREEN and root network on an approx. 15 years old Swamp oak (Quercus palustris) in the second growing season after planting


    savings and benefits

    With BOXofGREEN you achieve a number of advantages over traditional tree planting.

    Benefits for both trees, landscape- and economy.​

    More trees. fewer resources.

    BOXofGREEN is the most bio-friendly tree planting solution on the market. And together with our partners, we work every day aiming to reduce the consumption of natural resources. Both in our products and in production.


    The consumption of artificial irrigation will over aseason typically beof 10% of traditional plastic bag irrigation.

    fewer gardener visits

    Since BOXofGREEN largely takes care of the watering itself, watering visits is reduced to a minimum. 


    All parts of BOXofGREEN are made of biodegradable materials.

    less time

    Since the establishment of BOXofGREEN is easier than with traditional planting, there are plenty of working hours to be saved.

    It takes care of itself (almost)

    Once the tree is planted, there is actually very little that needs to be done. Instead of watering the tree 12-14 times per season for 3 years, with BOXofGREEN you only need to water 1-4 times the first year (depending on the natural rainfall).

    After that the BOXofGREEN and the tree take care of themselves. 

    BOXof GREEN is smart thinking


    Cut costs at multiple levels:

    Both financially in the long run. And on our drinking water from day 1, as all four sides on BOXofGREEN can collect approx. 400 liters of natural rainfall, which is then delivered to the tree's roots as needed.


    Read more about savings and advantages here


    ContaCt BOXof GREEN

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