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Brian Holt
Tommy Sondergaard
Jesper Kjeldsen
Hans Kjærgaard

The people behind BOXofGREEN


​Hans Kjærgaard is the mastermind behind BOXofGREEN and has worked with trees for large parts of his life. He knows what is needed for a tree to have the very best growing conditions.

Hans has had his own special nursery for large trees for 35 years.


Brian Holt has been employed in an international group for 26 years and has worked with strategy, assortment, sales and management.

Tommy Søndergaard founder of the online company In addition, Tommy has a background as farmer.

Jesper Kjeldsen comes from the advertising and communication industry with focus on green transition and sustainability.


Contact us if you want to hear more about BOXofGREEN - We are happy to tell you about the benefits and use of BOXofGREEN, delivery time, prices, savings, etc.



Tel. +45 71 91 78 78



TV MIDVEST accompanied Brian Holt on today's work on a sunny spring day, where the task was to plant a row of large-leaved linden trees in the ground


Vision · mission · values

our vISIon

We will set the highest standard in bio-friendly tree planting.

We want to be the leading partner in planting and maintaining street and urban trees in Denmark and the rest of the world.


  • We want to make it easier and cheaper to establish and maintain healthy street and city trees. It must be easier and cheaper to establish healthy, vigorous trees, without having to start the large-scale excavation of the underground. 

  • Maintenance must be minimal, so our customers save time, unnecessary water consumption and driving.

  • We will work for the most bio-friendly standard in the establishment of street and urban trees.


our values


Focus on nature's resources & Human resources

  • We strive to use business partners who help people enter the labor market.

  • Our products do not pollute as they are almost 100% natural material. 

  • We always work to reduce unnecessary consumption of nature's resources.

  • We collaborate with companies that work for equality in the labor market. 



  • We treat our fellow human beings with respect

  • We are honest.

  • We stand by our agreements.

  • We collaborate and solve the tasks together.

vocational school_BOXOFGREEN


cooperates with

West Jutland Vocational School

'Erhvervsskolen Vestjylland / West Jutland Vocational Dchool' is a social economic enterprise that offers housing, education and employment for people who have difficulty getting a foothold in the labor market, or young people who do not have the opportunity to take an ordinary education.

BOXofGREEN's collaboration with the 'Erhvervsskolen Vestjylland' ranges widely from collection to distribution.


Read more about the Vocational School here  

About our logo

As some experts and professionals have probably noticed, it is a small Ginkgo Biloba (temple tree) leaf that adorns our logo name.

The small magazine has been chosen with great thought, because it characterizes what we would like to stand for at BOXofGREEN.


1) Ginkgo Biloba is completely unique in the tree world, just like BOXofGREEN


2) Extracts from the leaves are used as healing medicine, i.e. strong and healthy, just like BOXofGREEN


3) Ginkgo Biloba is resistant to environmental influences, just like BOXofGREEN


4) Ginkgo Biloba is more than 100 mil. years old, a bit like BOXofGREEN :-)



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