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savings and benefits

With BOXofGREEN you achieve a number of advantages over traditional tree planting. Benefits for both trees, the landscape - and the economy.​


  • Easier planting of new trees. 

  • Fewer work cycles when planting/setting.

  • Fewer gardener visits for tree care.

  • Less use of irrigation.

  • Less driving = more environmentally friendly.

  • Increased use of natural precipitation = reduces the pressure on the sewage system in case of cloudbursts.

  • No use of green plastic bags.

  • More gross.

  • Faster growth.

  • High root activity in the stone wool results in a shorter binding period. 

  • Ensures better root attachment in urban soil, where there is notoriously little room for growing soil.

With the points above, we hope to create a good overview and if you need to go over some of the benefits, you are welcome to contact us.

Use our contact form below or reach us on the phone: 71 91 78 78  

save up to 75%

on the cost of maintenance and care of new trees

CO2 climate footprint

Here is a brief presentation of the climate footprint (GWP) over the different phases of the BOXofGREEN life cycle. Please Contact us if you need to have the figures elaborated. 

GWP stands for Global Warming Potential, and is measured in the unit kg CO2 equivalents (kg CO2e), which covers a wide range of gases, including CO2. GWP Total is a summary of the emissions from phases A1-C4. The climate footprint is documented in our third-party verified environmental product declarations (EPDs). 

GWP environmental impact 2
GWP environmental impact 1

Production phase

Extraction of raw materials

Transport to manufacture

Material production

Construction phase

Transport to construction site


Usage phase






Energy consumption

Water consumption 

Disposal phase


Transport for waste treatment

Waste treatment


Unlimited possibilities

BOXofGREEN is of course created for planting trees in. But anywhere where you want the possibility to collect and control water, BOXofGREEN technology can be used. Contact us to learn more.



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