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  • How often should you water the BOXofGREEN box?
    Depends a little on the weather, but 3 to 5 times the first year of growth. 2 to 3 times second growing year.
  • Is binding necessary?
    Depends a little on the type of tree: Trees with a large crown and very dense foliage may need binding for 2 years. For other types of wood, the binding can be removed after the first year.
  • Can you just put down a BOXofGREEN box without making soil improvements?
    Yes, you can easily do that, all hair roots have so much power with them from the stone wool that they grow out into the surrounding soil without difficulty.
  • What if there isn't room for the entire box?
    So 2 or 3 pages are better than none at all.
  • Can you use the BOXofGREEN solution on existing trees if they have growth challenges?
    Yes, BOXofGREEN can be buried in a star shape from the trunk, where they can then act both as a watering element, but also to improve growth.
  • What happens to the wood over time if you only have sand and gravel on the outside of the BOXofGREEN box?
    The tree continues to grow, there are an incredible number of trees that grow in sandy soil
  • Can you put the box down much earlier than you plant the tree?
    It is an advantage to put the box down as early as possible so that the soil can settle.
  • Can you use the BOXofGREEN box on slopes?
    Very easy, the box is built into the slope so that it stands horizontally and a higher back wall is cut.
  • How many sizes are there?
    2 pcs. standard, but can be adapted to each individual task where desired.
  • Can the specially developed stone wool be used for other solutions?
    Yes, can be used in many places. For example in rain beds where they are put together in larger units. Call 71 91 7878 if you have a challenge and want to know if our products can help.
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